Elemental composition

Perry Residence

The design for this garden aims to provide a smooth transition between the architecture and the built landscape. Black concrete walls, strips of stainless steel, and bands of planting material slide past one another, creating a maze like space. Aerially, the landscape is linear and highly graphic, but upon entering the garden, the design unfolds, encouraging thoughtful movement and quiet contemplation. .

The polished tops of the walls and stainless steel capture reflections of the sky by day and of the house by night, when blue led lights add visual dynamism.

Japanese anenomes add movement to this meditative, detailed, yet graphic composition

Garden Design magazine, July 2011

The design takes full advantage of the way distance and depth can change perspective

Landscape Architecture magazine, Feb. 2008


San Francisco, CA


Lundberg Design


Marion Brenner, Alice Chung, Art Gray and Ryan Hughes