Berkeley Way West

Berkeley Way West

University of California, Berkeley

Architect: WRNS Studio

Immediately adjacent to the Energy Biosciences building, completed by ACLA in 2010, the landscape improvements for the Berkeley Way West project include a new urban plaza for the students and visitors of the School of Public Health, Education and Psychology. The design for the main plaza at Berkeley Way West, on the south east corner of the site, is composed of a grid of trees interspersed with clusters of polished basalt stone seats providing students and visitors with various opportunities to occupy the plaza. A series of steel walls line the planting areas throughout the site and gesture to the adjacent site’s materiality and form. Stepped seating and linear wood benches mark the edges of the plaza. Included in the design are areas for bike parking and a retail plaza, activating the periphery of the space along one of UC Berkeley’s busiest streets.

photography: Marion Brenner

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